Horizontal packaging machines are designed for packaging tall and narrow products of various sizes.

Horizontally packing machines are arranged on the principle of horizontal placement of the main parts of the machine, feed mechanism, shaper package and trim system. The machine uses the principle of flow packaging “Flowpack”. With a single packaging scheme, there are many technical solutions. The technology for producing packages is approximately the same: a sleeve is formed from a film roll into which a product is fed using a feeding device, then the package is cut.

The flow-pack machine is suitable for packaging products in a Correx backing, group packaging of wafers, food and non-food products.

Productivity is from 100 pieces. up to 500 pcs. per minute.

Thanks to the use of two frequency-controlled drives, it became possible to set length parameters and packing speed via the PLC controller interface. This solution allows you to reduce the amount of marriage and improve the quality of packaging.

Additionally, it is possible to equip the machine with a thermal sensor, a labeling machine, a gas filling function, a stainless steel case, etc.