The production of chocolate confectionery has certain nuances in manufacturing technology. Therefore, there is equipment that takes these features into account and is specifically designed to work with chocolate confectionery mass.

Enrobing machines are intended for applying chocolate glaze to confectionery products. Modern enrobing equipment has the ability to produce different types of glaze: chocolate, sugar and confectionery. Suitable for glazing sweets, cookies, marshmallows, waffles, marmalade. Basically, enrobing machines are used in large confectionery enterprises as part of a processing line with a tempering machine.

Technical Description:

Productivity: 100kg / hour – 1000kg / hour

Tempering machines are designed for melting and storing semi-liquid confectionery masses at a given temperature, applying to products or filling molds for chocolate bars. In the tempering machine, chocolate acquires a constant viscosity, which gives an excellent glossy surface after hardening and prevents quick melting in the hands.

Cooling tunnels are used to quickly cool chocolate or glaze on confectionery after glazing (decoration). The basic principle of operation is as follows: glazed products on a conveyor belt enter the tunnel, where in a confined space they are cooled by circulating cold air to a predetermined temperature. The cooling system has low humidity for the best crystallization of glaze and chocolate. After cooling with the help of the conveyor, the finished products arrive at the packaging.